It all started when…

Elly would spend hours watching her grandmother sew. The only person in her family to share the same passion, Elly learnt so much spending hours with her Nanna.

Following her passion for Textiles in school, Elly studied Costume Design at Swinburne University. As part of her studies, Elly completed work placement at Channel 9 resulting in her first industry job in the Wardrobe Department.

Elly spent 6 years in the television industry, dressing and making costumes for several amazing shows.

She then broadened her horizons, spending 8 years specialising in making ballroom dance wear for June Designs, dressing professional dancers as well as performers on Dancing with the Stars.

Elly always had a passion for bridal wear which she was slowly building on the side for several years. It has now become her only passion and full time job to create beautiful and affordable gowns for the modern bride.